Traditionally known as 'a collection of books', the modern connotation of the term 'Library' is to transcend its physical structure with an integration of ICT tools, to redefine library as a fountainhead of unlimited knowledge and information to the masses, accessible in shortest possible time, at a cheaper price, with a high quality deliverable in a personalized manner for the ultimate benefit to the reader and end user.

Many times Librarians come across following types of questions by reader as well management:

    1. Will a particular book be available in the Library?
    2. How many books are overdue? With whom?
    3. Stock in library and stock out side?
    4. How many books are issued to person ‘A’?
    5. Compile lists of materials on a specific subject?
    6. Can I reserve that book? and so on

We can denote ‘n’ number of question and to answer these questions Librarian needs various statistics, registers, circulation cards and good amount of time.

Is it workable and worth in today’s scenario?

MKCL's Libreria is a premier state of art Library management system, designed and developed by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL) to meet the needs of libraries both large and small. The software is designed to automate all functionalities and operations of library according to international standards.

Libreria offers an efficient, flexible, cost effective and user-friendly systems for Academic libraries, Colleges, Corporate houses as well as Public libraries.

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