Learner will be eligible for KLiC Diploma if S/He completes the 4 Courses in time span of 2 Years. The period of 2 years will be calculated from Date of Issuance of ERA Login of 1st Course till the date of Final Exam Attempt of 4th Course.

Following Courses will be considered for KLiC Diploma Courses:


  • MS-CIT
  • KLiC Courses (Various Career Oriented Courses)

Learner can complete KLiC Diploma with below mentioned combinations:

  • 4 KLiC Courses
  • MS-CIT Course + 3 KLiC Courses
  • MS-CIT + KLiC ENGLISH + 2 KLiC Courses
  • KLiC ENGLISH + 3 KLiC Courses


  • Learner can do these courses one after another or simultaneously in MKCL's Authorized Learning Center (ALC).
  • Learner has to successfully complete 4 Courses to become eligible for KLiC Diploma within schedule.
  • MKCL will provide the KLiC Diploma Certificate to eligible Learner. Learner will also get the individual Course Certificates along with KLiC Diploma Certificate.

Note: KLiC Diploma will be available in Maharashtra Only.