Office Assistants perform, coordinate and manage office administrative duties while providing an extensive level of support to Executive Managers. They help managers make the best use of their time and are relied on heavily to ensure that work is handled efficiently and without the need for constant or direct supervision. S/he will be responsible to prepare minutes of meeting, reports, letters, memorandums etc. as and when required by Executive Managers.

What does an Office Assistant do?

An Office Assistant:

  • Provides an excellent and consistent level of administrative support to the customers.
  • Schedules executive meetings and travel plans
  • Maintains various types of data required in business matters.
  • Organizing various events and maintain event expenses.
  • Arranging reports and data files in a perfect manner so as to avoid any inconvenience in business matters
  • Creating presentations required in business.
  • Communicates various activities to the employee / customers through email and messenger
  • Schedules online meetings on Skype
  • Sends bulk SMS to the employees / client