To activate children’s logical intelligence, hundreds of such opportunities have to be created. For instance, to practice answering questions, to register observations and to develop their speculation skills.

The multiple intellectual capacities of children develop fast in young age. They must be given opportunities at the right age and at the right time. Do all the children get such opportunities? To what extent? Do they get them consistently? Hobby Home is an enriched world of such opportunities.

Environmental and Spatial intelligence of children develops and sharpens by observing different types of birds, listening to the sounds of animals, watching and learning about the trees and leaves in the neighbourhood etc. To develop it yet further, a number of fun-filled activities can be undertaken such as drawing the valley, mountain, river in your area, and trying to understand exactly what happens in an anthill or a beehive.

Vinu gets angry when something happens against his will and Manasi never gives her toy to her friend.  How do children nurture their peculiarities? How difficult is it for them to adjust with people and situations? Their emotional intelligence as well as intra-personal and inter-personal intelligence needs to be channelized constructively at a very young age itself. When children will work in small groups at Hobby Home, this will happen naturally and you will make it happen, consciously.

All these activities and the required aids and instruments have been scientifically developed. Children are expected to handle them according to their intellectual capacity and progress. In addition, cassettes and CDs are available for audio visual experience to help you introduce new ideas. All these activities enrich the children’s capabilities and enhance their intelligence as well as sensibilities. All this happens without their knowing it, as children are engaged in a number of fun filled activities.