Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited

The twenty first century is the century of active knowledge. Knowledge based industry, knowledge based economy and knowledge based society are the key words of this century. The century has created an unprecedented need in individuals and groups, to acquire new active knowledge for survival, consistently. Knowledge for existence, knowledge for progress and knowledge for self respect,  are the three dimensions of the  knowledge centric culture that is fast taking root in this century.

On this background, all the sections in the society will have to acquire new knowledge continuously and use it for our economic, social, cultural progress. Right now this capacity is concentrated among just a select-few in the society. Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. is a unique organization that is taking efforts and making experiments to provide this capacity to all the sectors- even the remote ones- in the society, at nominal cost, in highest quality and efficiency and through appropriate use of Information Technology. This organization is operational in all sections of the society, with dedication and professional commitment, for knowledge based transformation.

MKCL, since 2002, is aiming at taking the knowledge revolution to the common man, through the medium of digital technology and a network of more than 3000 computer centers across Maharashtra. MKCL’s twenty first century approach and innovative initiatives such as technological literacy, digital university, online e-facility, Hobby Home, have been applauded by national and international experts.