There must have been times when you might have worked with children, read stories to them, helped them do their homework or directed their play for an annual function. You must have experienced their power of observation and imagination even marvelled at the way they express their thoughts. You must have enjoyed being a part of their world and realized it is actually a learning for you too.

How about having an opportunity to work with children in a professional manner?

Grammangal and Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. ( MKCL ) have jointly initiated an innovative project Hobby Home, in entire Maharashtra. For this, we are looking for young, professionally committed ‘Tai’ and ‘Dada’, who understand children and would like to develop their diverse intelligence. Children can develop their capacities fast, through observation and experience. Hobby Home aims at providing them ample opportunities to help them do so.

The task is as simple and easy as challenging. This is neither a study class, nor a personality development course and certainly not a tuition class. Hobby Home shall undertake the process of cultivating children’s diverse types of intelligence through various hobbies. It is a hobby of knowledge; a hobby that leads children confidently, towards the fast paced knowledge based culture and offers them the joy of growing up in such an enriching culture. This work is highly satisfying and rewarding.