Are you ready for Hobby Home?

You should be in the age group of 25 to 50 and having passed at least 12th standard examination. You should possess a passion to be with children and the perseverance to let them grow according to their aptitude and speed. You should be able to appreciate that every child is different from the other. If you have all these attributes, you are capable of running a Hobby Home. All you need now is,

  1. A spacious, airy, well lit room at least fifteen ft. by fifteen ft., preferably on the ground floor
  2. T.V. and V.C.D (If you have a PC, great!)
  3. One mobile phone
  4. A cupboard to keep the material
  5. Toilet,  and pure, clean drinking water
  6. Scientific hobby equipment
In addition, 4 hours a month to take the required training from us. If you have all this, you can enter this profession as ‘Tai’ or ‘Dada’ for the children.