With years of extensive research, Grammangal has developed a number of methods and instruments to develop the faculties and abilities of children. At the back of these self learning methods is the latest research by world famous scientists in Psychology, Neurology and Child Development. It is a proven and successful personality development process for children. This new experiment was started in 1982 by renowned social workers and educationists Padmashree Anutai Wagh and Prof. Ramesh Panase while working for the tribals (adivasis) in Dahanu District.
In the absence of modern educational facilities, the adivasi children learned with the help of locally available resources such as leaves, flowers and stones. However it was found that learning through 'experiences' and such aids was in tune with children’s natural instincts. So this method is useful since it transcended financial and social parameters. Later, various educational aids and material was developed and very surprising results were observed. Through all this, the foundation of self development process was laid.

Today, Grammangal runs 20 children’s schools, 2 primary schools and one Balbhavan in many villages and cities across Maharashtra. In addition, many prestigious schools have willingly adopted the Grammangal method to upgrade the quality of their education.