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Capacity Building

  • Network of 5000+ Authorized Learning Centers in the state well equipped with more than 40,000 computers with state-of-the-art hardware, software and internet connectivity.
  • Huge capacity building and enrichment of infrastructural, financial, human and intellectual resources for the state for providing learning, governance and empowerment services to people.
  • Network Coverage in all metropolitan, urban, semi-urban, rural, tribal and hilly areas of the state.
  • Network Coverage in all districts and tehsils of the state.

Services to the People

  • 98 lakh+ youth in the state were given state-of-the-art IT Literacy Training through MKCL’s MS-CIT course in last 14 years at affordable cost.
  • Providing job-oriented vocational training courses certified by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) through MKCL’s Knowledge Lit Careers or KLiC Courses.
  • Providing direct student facilitation services to 3.6 million + University students through 5,977 colleges in 13 universities in 2 states through MKCL’s Digital University® Framework.
  • More than 8.4 million youth have been given Online Admissions and Online Recruitment Services across the state through MKCL’s OASIS Framework.
  • Maharashtra Olympiad Movement a preparatory programme for Science and Mathematics Olympiad for School Children from 5th to 10th standard.
  • Managing eTendering services through MKCL’s Secured eTendering System SETS for tenders of Maharashtra State Electricity Board (MSEBHC).
  • Establishment of Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited in collaboration with the Government of Rajasthan. 7 Lakh youth in the Rajasthan state were given state-of-the-art IT Literacy Training through MKCL’s RS-CIT course in last four years.
  • Establishment of Odisha Knowledge Corporation Limited in 2011 in collaboration with Government of Odisha. OKCL currently has more than 500 Authorized Learning Centers
  • Establishment of Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited in 2013 in collaboration with Government of Haryana for promulgation of IT literacy. HKCL currently has 125 Authorized Learning Centers spread across the state of Haryana.
  • Establishment of MKCL Arabia Limited at Riyadh for propagation of IT education and MKCL’s other programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 45000 youth are given a state-of-the-art IT Literacy Training.
  • MKCL Arabia, MKCL Egypt, and MKCL Lanka are the existing International Joint Ventures.

  • Assessing Body empaneled by Government of India for the states of Gujarat, Karnataka and Goa under Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) for Modular Employable Skills (MES).

Employment Generation

  • 25,000 youth in the state got direct high-tech employment and self-employment opportunities in this network with decent and stable income at their own native places without migrating to Mumbai, Pune or nearby cities.
  • 1,00,000 youths in the state got indirect job opportunities in this network at their own native places.

Financial Benefits to the Government

  • Turnover grew from Rs. 200 million to Rs. 2378 million in eight years i.e. from 2002-03 to 2009-10 and Profit after Tax in 2009-10 Rs. 203 million gives a confidence to state established enterprises
  • Paid Rs. 1006 million to Government of Maharashtra in last eight years by way of dividends, interests, examination fees, etc. against GoM’s equity of Rs. 30 million.
  • Paid Rs. 416 million to Government of India in last eight years by way of taxes