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Enabling Programs are those programs that create an enabling environment, infrastructural facilities, technological and managerial support for MKCL’s other programs to take-off and sustain. They themselves are not the direct lines of business but are the lines to enable other business programs.

These Programs are :

  1. Corporate Management Program (CMP)
  2. Infrastructure Development Program (IDP)
  3. IT Infrastructure Development & Management Program (IT Infra-DMP)
  4. Software Development Program (SDP)
  5. Educational Products Development Program (EP-DP)
  6. Digital Creations Program
  7. Brand Creation & Brand Enrichment Program (BC & BEP)
  8. Network Partnerships Management Program (NP-MP)
  9. Customer Relationship Management Program (CRM)
  10. Quality Management Program (QMP)

Corporate Management Program (CMP)

This is MKCL’s internal program that offers the backbone support to all the other MKCL programs. This program involves the following functions:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Ideation and Goal Setting, Forecasting, Strategic Planning and Organizing
  3. Budgeting and Financing, Resource Mobilization
  4. Policy Formulation, Apex Governance, Coordination and Monitoring
  5. Cultural Ethos Enrichment, Change Management
  6. Company Matters, Equity Management, IPO Matters, Management of Subsidiaries - MKCL International FZE, Management of Joint Ventures- Knowledge Grid LLC, MKCL Arabia Ltd., Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (RKCL)
  7. Due Diligences, Statutory Compliances, Secretarial Audit, Legal Affairs, Contracts Management, Intellectual Property Rights Management, Government Interface
  8. Business Analysis, Business Modeling, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, National and International Extension of Business
  9. Strategic Partnerships Development and Management
  10. Brand Building, Brand Management, Brand Enhancement
  11. Corporate Communications and Media Relations, Publicity and Promotion, Event Management, Public Relations, Publications
  12. General Administration / Center Management, Human Resources Development, Library and Information Management, Materials Management, Financial Management and Budget Control, Accounts Management, Internal Audit and Statutory Audit Support
  13. Organizational Methods, Total Quality Management / Process Improvement / CMMI, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Archival or Disposal of Records
  14. Knowledge Management
  15. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Infrastructure Development and Management Program (IDP)

MKCL has seven offices with world-class environment for hosting its programs and a team of over 200 knowledge workers located in Pune and Mumbai, the two strategic metros of Maharashtra, Western India.

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IT Infrastructure Development and Management Program (IT Infra-DMP)

MKCL offers all its courses online. Some of our products like Digital University; Digital Colleges etc have been successful due to Information Technology Infrastructure Development Program. Managing a large server infrastructure and web-hosting facility, a base of about 40,000 desktops connected in about 5000 LANs, State-wide Distributed Classroom at 5000+ locations across Maharashtra (Western India).

MKCL has a nation-wide Multipoint Video Conferencing Facility for delivery of high-end courses, eLibrary of structured eLearning and archived video content, State-wide Asset Management and Monitoring System, SMS and IVRS Gateways, Broadband VPN , Instant Messaging Solutions, Security, Back-up and Recovery Solutions. These facilities are the largest and one of their kinds in the Indian academic sector.

Software Development Program (SDP)

Software Development Program is MKCL’s initiative which will enhance its current working of software development methodology by adopting latest best practices in the industry and bringing in new standards. This program aims to :

  1. Identify current gaps, challenges and improvement opportunities
  2. Propose, plan, coordinate and execute effective implementation of the company’s process improvement
  3. Contribute to communication and sharing of processes, software products / components standardization of data across the organization, finally translating into organization-wide policy

Educational Products Development Program (EPDP)

MKCL's eLearning Suite falls under Enabling Program category and is available to customers under the brand name MKCL's ERA (eLearning Revolution for All). MKCL's ERA includes the software frameworks for :

  1. Borderless Collaborative Content Development and Integration Framework
  2. Learning and Content Management System (LCMS)
  3. Classroom Management System
  4. Campus-based Learning Management Solutions
  5. Assignment Management System (AMS)
  6. Online Evaluation, Assessment and Instant eCertification System (OES)
  7. Distributed / Virtual Classroom Solution

Digital Creations Program

The Digital Creations Program team at MKCL :

  1. Monitors the development of Digital Creations Program and ensures it’s high quality
  2. Creates engaging learning experiences through different types of learning material
  3. Imbibes global values relevant to 21st century in the eContent through experiential learning.
  4. Conducts research and development on the different instructional designing strategies for better learning

The Digital Creations Program produces professionally designed Digital Creations that is tailored to the needs of wide range of users i.e. from teachers to students, from emerging entrepreneurs to community health workers, from nursery kids to graduates appearing for competitive exams. The range of the subjects varies from academic excellence to hobbies and amateur interests, from social awareness to self development.

Network Partnerships Management Program (NP-MP)

MKCL's Channel Partner Network comprises of its more than 5000+ Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs). These ALCs have been established by small and medium IT entrepreneurs and educational enterprises spread over all areas of the state of Maharashtra (Western India) including metropolitan, urban, semi-urban, rural, tribal and hilly regions of the state.

MKCL has a special program viz.: Network Partnerships Management Program that enables various other programs and projects. Basic purpose of Network Partnerships Management Program is to operate in coordination with various channel partners to execute various activities across India.