We have launched two programs:

• Post Graduate Diploma in e-Education in Digital Society

• School Education

The second program is linked with the first one as the learners interested in school education work in a school by considering it as a Practicing Place or Work Place/Work Social Lab.

Management of Diploma: Lead Agencies.

• YCMOU as the Academic Lead.

• MKCL as the Technology Support Lead.

• I-CONSENT as the Consortium and Community supporting in learning, development and creation of the providers and learners.

Some members take the responsibility to take the lead in organizing and providing Course Team with cooperation of expert and experienced teachers from various member institutions. The Program is managed by two Committees:

• Program I-Consent Committee (PIC) formed by YCMOU and MKCL for policies and performance assessment,

• Program Academic Coordination Committee (P-ACC) to develop and deploy the program.

They also manage Quality Assurance Services and Performance Evaluation Services.

The Consortium and Community of Providers and Learners form TWO Groups:

Central / Global: Consortium and Community of Providers and Learners

Local: Local Consortium and Local Community of Providers and Learners

The locality is initially taken as a Region / District / Block / Group of Villages –City / Wards

The Community of Providers and Learners is of a central /global nature. It, however, organizes itself into a Locality Based Consortium and Community for supporting and realizing local and situational development, and participates in Cyber-Real interactivities and creation essential for life and work processes carried out by learners.