Param Platform is a e-Platform created in Cyber Space which links all providers, learners, consortium institutions and all linked with various programs of education and development. A Learning Management System, called C- ERA, developed by MKCL operates on the Param Platform, and enables all to meet, work, communicate and consult.

Param Platform links cyber space facilities of Param Interversity and Param School to get linked with Locality Real Institutions from where students and teachers participate in the program. With access devices like smart phones, tablets/lap tops, anyone from anywhere can join the Program on Param Platform and carry out his/her education or teaching-learning development activities.

Resources and Interactivity facilities on the Param Platform:

  • Facilities:
    Distributed Classrooms, Course Teams of teachers and tutors, Forum activities carried out by the Teams and Communities of Providers and Learners, etc.
  • Resources:
    OERs, Platforms for open discussions and Group activities, Circles for Interest Based Activities, such as Pariwars for Swadhyaya, Prayog and Nirman. Open and free resources available to the members of Communities of Providers and Learners.
  • Services:
    All admin and support services required in learning, development, creation and change. In particular, online records of your participation and contribution, personal and group e-Portfolio, exhibitions of best performances, etc.