Students work and learn from developments in a Locality/Practicing Places/Work Places:

Institutions participating as Practicing Places of the Diploma Program create a Local Team and use institutional facilitations at the Practicing Places/Working Places, as and when necessary, to support learning and development of students in real face-to-face situations.

This becomes the Local Virtual Study Center (L-VSC). A member of the Management Institution/organisation who has worked as a Counsellor for the student at the Practicing Place/Work Place in identifying issues and problems also can join the Local Community of Providers and Learners.

Students are always connected through their smart phones and/or tablet or Lap Top with peers and teachers and other community members.

With the help of Practicing Places identified by the students/management registered at the L-VSC, a local network of institutions and working places is created. All the institutions participating in area based program of the PG Diploma form a Local Consortium of Institutions, Experts and Practitioners who can support learning and development of students and institutions. All the learners and providers of education at the locality form a Local Community of Learners and Developers. The purpose of the Local Consortium and Community is to:

  • Support Diploma students as learners, workers and developers at the Practicing Places/Working Places and locality.
  • Ensure group learning and development of members of the Consortium in their self and institutional development.
  • Associate local experts, practitioners, MKOs (More Knowledgeable Others)  and institutions who have capacity to support learners and developers. The Local Consortium and Community aims at achieving group progress, and creating value for self, groups and locality in the form of sharable Collaborative Commons.
  • Promote individual and group working, learning and earning by marketing products and services regionally and globally.
  • Link continuously with Central Consortium and Community of Providers so as to raise learning and development levels of the locality to the highest possible class of excellence.

The Central Consortium and Community of Providers will always help and work together with Local Consortium and Community of Learners, Providers and Developers in collaborative and cooperative learning, development, creation and transformation leading to higher levels of performance excellence.