A student should prepare documentary evidences based on work done during each course. At the end, s/he should be able to prepare Report of the two-years of working and performing. His/her performance record should be based on CEE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation):

  • e-Personal portfolio (Course and Program Performance Information). It also includes:
    1. Brief on Course Performance, Presentation Portfolio and Performance Results (all the successful and quality assignments and field/lab work carried out successfully should be reported.)
    2.  Report of Practicing Place/Work Place working and developing linked with roles and issues.
  • Process-Folio with periodic record of learning, organizing, working, developing -reforming and changing. It should contain reflections about self- framework (attitudes, ethical values and practices), and Social Behavior Framework in group/pariwar working and performing.
  • Brief on the Performance and Outcomes and Goal Fulfilment.
  • Project work with innovations, outcomes and contributions to situated development.