It is a unique program by itself having the following features:
  1. This is the preparation of the teachers for e-mode and through e-mode.
  2. Its content as well as organization is futuristic but applicable now.
  3. Since the program will be offered through e-mode, it will not be restricted to a particular state or a country. This international program will develop global perspective in the learner.
  4. The program will give an opportunity to learners construct their own knowledge through situated learning.
  5. The program has been supported by Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada with the involvement of International experts in the field.
  6. The first batch will be the pilot batch.
  7. The 12 partner institutions in the consortium are experts in specific fields thus they have contributed their best to this programme.
  8. Constructivist theory is followed throughout the programme, i.e. learning involves constructing one's own knowledge from one's own experiences.
  9. Situated Learning Design and field-related assignments have been adopted in all the six courses of this programme.
  10. Participants’ competencies are developed in the context of the classroom, the school and the community so that the teacher becomes a change agent.
  11. The objectives of each program are also put in the form of developmental objectives for each course.
  12. Cooperative Learning and universal human values are integrated into the programme.
  13. Teacher becomes a specialist in e-leaning, an action research and evaluation