Internal –30 to be awarded for internal completions. ( For CCE, Process-Folio and Submissions) 

External –70 = 40 for Course End external (Viva and Situated Assignments) + 30 Program End external (Improvement of role performance, and quality & creation with innovation achieved in outcomes)

Internal: The following will comprise the internal evaluation,

  • The students will be expected to submit the assignments during the course of program, which they will submit on the website.

External: The following will comprise the external evaluation,

  • Term end viva: At the end of each term there will be term-end viva.
  • Comprehensive viva

Total Evaluation Pattern For A Course –Role:

The division of marks/grades

Course Name / Number Internal Evaluation (30%)

External Evaluation

Total (100 %)
Theory (40)

Activities and Situated Assignments

- 40 % course end, and

- 30% for improved performance at program- end




Practicum / Lab / Field Work (40) Training / Lessons , OERs developed and Situated Work
Initiatives with Outputs (20) Personal and Group / Wiki & Innovations-created. Practicing Place Development & Learning.

A student will go through all the course –role based internal and external evaluation; and will become eligible for the Program–End Evaluation.All the courses will be evaluated like a practical or field based course with internal and external component of evaluation. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern will be followed.