The programme is designed to achieve following outcomes:

  • Students will get opportunity to create their own modified processes and match their inputs to achieve results of situated development.
  • Students will use smart phones, laptops to communicate in a paperless environment, and learn from teachers and course teams.
  • Students will work in any one area of development of :
    • School education and social development
    • Community education and empowerment
    • Technical and vocational education and value creation
  • Skills will be developed to use concepts and tools of communication technologies for working as an effective and efficient worker in a digital society.
  • Self and social abilities of an individual and Group/Pariwar/Community will be developed by using learning and development activities in life -work situations.
  • Students will be enabled with logical, critical and reflective thinking to play various roles and making changes in their attitude and ethical practices along with group behaviour.
  • Students will be motivated to participate in group/pariwar, wiki and community processes of learning, working, organization, to develop values and transformative processes. Students will be further motivated to use the cooperative and collaborative processes for creating shareable collaborative commons.
  • Students will play multiple roles as a part of role based course and identify their own role(s) with unique functions. Students will also create performance and work outputs having social value and wealth and find life-long-learning and development paths with career identification.
  • Scenario-situation based learning will be developed leading towards sustainable development obtained by using global knowledge and technology support.
  • Learning and development related to various situations related to the classrooms, school/ institute /organization and in surrounding community around the practicing places will be achieved.
  • The value system of universal nature is given in the preamble of the Indian constitution. This value system will be followed and nurtured to support continuous reform and progress in the quality of education and performance of a learner.
  • Innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership qualities in learners will be promoted through group activities such as Swadhyayapariwar, Prayogpariwar and Nirmiti pariwar to enable a student for self-development and creation of personal and social wealth.
  • Co-creativity with mass-collaborative/co-operative learning and creation will be developed so as to contribute to the progress and modernity of the learners and developers in digital society.