I-CONSENT- Indian Consortium for Educational Transformation- is a group of teachers supported by educational institutions, which include Universities and its PG Departments, Colleges, Research and Development Institutes, Public and Private Institutions, etc. We are working together to form a new paradigm of education of the New Age, which has started evolving since 1995 when internet became a public service. This group of institutions started working since 2008, and more joined in 2013. They form the I-CONSENT, the Consortium, which created a model of teacher education linked with cyber space Distributed Classroom and Study Centers for providing facilities for connecting students and teachers, and working together in groups. Our initiative was supported by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Vancouver, Canada. The COL has offered expertise in Scenario-Situation and Role Based Learning and Development. A group of 35-40 teachers was trained in role playing and in creating scenario situation based learning by employing approach of constructivist learning and development.

We developed and implemented a Pilot program of e-B. Ed. (B.Ed. in e-Education) during 2009-12. Based on our experience of the Pilot (2009-12); development of newer access devices and gadgets of information communication technology (ICT); new mechanisms of organizing educational delivery of courses, particularly MOOCs and Meta University; and the constructivist approach to learning, development and creation, we have developed a model of New Education suitable for the Digital Society in India.