The Central Consortium and Community supports the programs and students in their learning and development on Param Platform with Param Interversity infrastructure. They also support the activities of students, teachers and learners at the local Practicing Places/Work Places by linking it with Param School linked with all the stakeholders of school system. The situations of a student at a Practicing Place are linked to local problems related to learners, institutions and society in the locality. The Central Consortium and Community offer support to learners and developers of the locality by forming a Local Consortium and Community of Providers and Learners. Local Consortium represents the local institutions supporting programs of the Param Interversity, and organizes support services to learners and providers in a locality. Besides the interested members from Central Consortium, the local community consists of local providers, MKOs (More Knowledgeable Others) and all the learners of the University program of Diploma. The Local Program I-Consent Committee organizes and manages the support system to students and learners. They work as a Local Virtual Study Center (Local –VSC).