The Community of Providers and Learners is organized to work in a digital society and support learning and social development of providers and learners in a global-local scenario.


The Community supports:

• Structured and Course/Program based learning through Consortium Management Committee with YCMOU and MKCL as Lead providers for the educational programs with Program I-CONSENT Committee and Program- Academic Coordination Committee. CT Institutions, and Virtual SCs organized by a locality institutions and experts support learners’ education and situated development.

• Unstructured and Social Development based learning through participation in pariwars and community working and learning with cooperative and collaborative learning and creation.

Both the processes of learning lead to creation of social wealth and Collaborative Commons to be shared by all.


The Community of Providers and Learners is organized with Pariwar and Communities of interest as building blocks of the digital society. Each Pariwar consists of 3-5 small groups each of 3-5 members. The Pariwar is having 15-25 members; and is self-organized and self-governed through panchayat or fractal group approach. It is a bottom-up processes of management and leadership. Groups are enabled to create collaborative and social commons to create enrichment and empowerment. The two types of programs, structured and unstructured, are organized and implemented differently. The structured learning has top-down approach to management to ensure speed and accountability; and unstructured learning has bottom-up approach to management to ensure democratic participation, and ensure collaborative and social commons to be shared by all members of institutions and participants.

Creation and Preservation:

The Community supports its providers and learners to do voluntary service and contribute to the social and collaborative commons besides private and public wealth to be shared amongst the members of groups and community. The community will ensure that commons are being used for personal and small group sustenance and enrichment with equality and justice; and not to use exploitative means.


The Community of Providers and Learners is further organized with sub-communities linked to:

• Community of Providers of Technology of Communication and Renewable Energy.

• Community of Providers and Parents for School Education.

All the groups, pariwar and communities are organized with swaraj approach in group, pariwar and community management by using panchayat way of governance supported by senior leaders from the Community as advisors.