To create a New Education system in emerging Digital Society and enable the students, teachers, administrators and experts to develop the place where they work and live. Students will join PG-DEEDS programme, learn in a Cyber space, and apply the knowledge gained to the situations and problems in their workplace.


We offer new education linked with socio-economic and cultural development. This is based on Input-Process-Result approach. This approach will help the student to solve situated problems for adding socio-economic or cultural value to his/her results with achievement of situated development of the place of working and living.

Students will be enabled to play multiple roles as a part of role based courses, to find their own role and unique functions which are associated with personal talents and high motivation. Creation of social value and contribution to the personal and social wealth by the student will be evaluated during the programme.

It is useful to all those who are interested in playing generic roles of teacher-learner, social developer, value and wealth creator and change maker.

A student has to choose one of the THREE Areas of Development:

  • School, Higher Education and Social Development
  • Community Education and Empowerment.
  • Industry Education, Training and Value Creation.

In case of area of School Education, a student has to identify school of public or private nature; and find a Practicing Place with three situations:

  • Students/ Learners/ Classrooms to be Educated or Trained or Developed;
  • Public or Private or Civil Institution or Organisation; and
  • Related Society in the Locality.

Once admitted in Diploma Program, a student will become a Learner Member of the Community of Providers and Learners and participate in all its learning and development activities.